Things to do when bored out of your flipping mind.

So I still have not found a job. This graph sums up my predicament nicely:

And for the past couple of days, the husband's car has not been working. So that means he's taking mine. Because he's the important one with the job and all. (No resentment towards the hubby, just towards the no job thing). So I've been stuck in the house. It's cold and rainy, and there are 7.3 million creepy construction guys right next door building a house, so I've been staying in instead of venturing out with the dog for a walk.

The internet has ended. I have reached the finale. There's nothing left to do. I've seen every episode of NCIS and CSI. The laundry is done. The house is fairly clean.

Before I reached the end of the internet, I found some things that still amuse me.

Kittens Inspired by Kittens. OMG I love this so much. It just doesn't get old. "I'm her mom." "No she's not!". Watch it.

Greatest Freakout Ever. Holy.Crap.WTF. If you haven't seen this, try not to be drinking anything or it will come out of your nose.

Cheezburger network sites. lulz

And FreeCell. Yeah. That's about it. You can now see why I am so freaking bored.



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kittens Inspired by Kittens makes me laugh until I cry every time. You're right. It never gets old.